Monday, November 30, 2009

Best Price on a Canon 50d with Lens: $1,129.95

A few people have taken me up on my offer to try and find the best price for a camera or camcorder. They've sent an email to with the make and model they are looking for. Today I received a note from someone looking for a Canon 50d.
If you simply put the model in Google or Bing, many of the lowest prices that are advertised are from fake bait and switch websites. You simply have to use common sense. There are several legitimate websites, such as Adorama and B&H, that have been around for a long, long time and you'll have no problem whatsoever. Others, however, are completely fraudulent enterprises.
Delta Camera, a fraudulent bait and switch operation run by criminals, lists the body only for $789. You’ll never get it for that price from these thieves.

Amazon lists the Canon 50D, with lens, for $1,129.95; the body only is $940.89.
Camera with lens:

The body only from Amazon is $940.89.

Other bait and switch sites that purportedly offer the camera for unbelievable low prices include and Don’t waste your time; they are simply trying to rip you off and will never, ever sell you the camera for the advertised price unless you agree to purchase over priced accessories that negate any "deal" that they offer.

So who do I recommend? And not just because I get a kick back if you purchase through the links above. I just bought my Canon Xsi from them and got an unbelievable deal, with no tax and free shipping. Full Canon warranty, generous return policy, etc. Not only do they have the best legitimate prices, but they actually send you the item that you purchased online…a novel concept that the cretins in Brooklyn should investigate.